Let’s Talk about the Holy Spirit 

Read: John 15:26-16:15.  Expanded Reading:  John 13-17.

Before you read the passage, imagine yourself as one of the disciples.  You have spent the last three plus years with Jesus.  Tonight he has washed your feet, broken bread, and shared his cup with you while teaching about the time that is coming, indeed is upon you.  Jesus has been teaching you late into the evening and you have begun to walk out into the night.  Jesus has predicted his betrayal and warned of all that will come to pass.  His teaching holds an urgency as his time with you draws near to an end and the time for “the Son of Man to enter into his glory” (John 13:31 NLT) is near. 

 Now read the passage slowly listening intently to Jesus words to you, his beloved disciple.   


Read the passage again taking note of any phrases or words that stands out to you. 

What emotions are stirred within you as you imagine yourself as a disciple?  Do you experience confusion, fear, exhaustion, awe, gratitude, deep love, longing, urgency, hope, or something else?  

What does Jesus words about the Spirit stir up within you? 

How do you see the Spirit in your own life? What is your relationship with him like?  


Tell God about your experience.  Ask him about the emotions you experienced as you imagined yourself as a disciple.  Describe what came up for you in regards to the person of the Holy Spirit.  Ask God your questions about that part of who he is.  Take time to be still with God in the place he has taken you too.  


Ask the Spirit to reveal himself to you today and actively watch for him in your day.  Take note of your God moments and your response to them.  Write them down and develop a testimony of your day.   Share it with someone you are in a mentoring relationship with.   

-Jessica Low

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